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RAW-CBD’s Dab Rocks are a powerful way to administer concentrated CBD. Dabbing allows for a quicker absorption of a high dose of CBD into the body’s systems than taking CBD tinctures orally. Our dab rocks are pure crystalline CBD derived from hydrocarbon extract, with Bubba Kush terpenes added for flavor and beneficial terpene effect.

  • Full Entourage CBD Extract
  • Sustainably Grown, Non-GMO
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Terpene Rich
  • Lab Tested and Verified
  • Non-Psychoactive
  • Safety Sealed

CBD Isolate
Supplement Facts:
Product Size: 0.5 g

Directions: 2-3 5 second draws, as needed
Store away from heat, light, and humidity. Refrigerate after opening.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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7 reviews for CBD Dab Rocks

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    How international dating saved Bolivia

    tired of researching swiping on Tinder and Bumble? Ready to give up eHarmony and Coffee Meet Bagel? Maybe it time to glimpse in a pond at the foot of a waterfall. That where by by Romeo, Bolivia bachelor frog found his one true love: Juliet, another frog.

    For many years, professionals thought Romeo was the last Sehuencas (said SAY WHEN CUSS) Water frog of his type, destined to be forever alone and take his species with him to the grave. in addition, They most likely not give up.

    It included ten delightful pictures of him in his tank and read: “Not to get you started this off super heavy or anything, But I’m literally the last of my species. I know extreme stuff. But that’s why I’m on here in hopes of finding my perfect match so we can save our own kind (No pushing ;))”

    thanks to the fundraiser, Scientists was able to find Juliet deep in the rivers of the Bolivian wilderness. Juliet, Along with four other frogs of the same species (an added female and three males), Were in a pond at the foot of a waterfall.

    In aninterview with Global Wildlife preservation, Teresa Camacho Badani,Chief of herpetology at the Natural file Museum in Bolivia, Said that the team were ready to quit when she spotted the first lucky frog of the four. She looks great and is good, reported Badani. “Opposites attract while Romeo particularly shy, Juliet is not very! So we think she will make a perfect match for Romeo,

    Badani also said that Romeo and Juliet likely will bond over their shared love of eating worms. She confident they destined for a fairy tale ending.

    the researchers at the museum are working on bringing the Sehuencas frogs back from extinction and hopefully towards a population level that can thrive in the wild again.

    Handout picture released by the Global Wildlife preservation taken on December 13, 2018 implying Teresa Camacho Badani, Chief of herpetology your Museo de Historia Natural Alcide dOrbigny, contemplating Juliet. (Photo by Robin Moore / Global Wildlife efficiency / AFP)based on Science Alert, people say that a sixth mass extinction event is already happening and that amphibians like Romeo and Juliet are at high risk. About 22 per cent of amphibians in Bolivia are under the threat of termination, [url=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com]latino dating[/url] inclusive of Romeo and his pals. One of the greatest threats other than habitat loss and climate change is a fungal disease called chytridiomycosis.

    Sapiens, An academic journal focusing on durability, Says 40 per cent of amphibians are on the verge of becoming extinct and one third are in the same boat as Romeo was in before finding his soulmate.

    Romeo’s girl Juliet was screened for the infection before reaching her new man. Badani said she failed to want poor Romeo “To get sick on his first date.

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    Assertiveness practise internet sites

    hover over the celebrities and click on [url=https://latamdatescamblog.wordpress.com/2016/08/30/latamdate-review-is-latamdate-scam-or-not/]LatamDate[/url] when you need to value such a Assertiveness coaching world wide web site.

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    Ditch unhealthy boys and date someone nice

    The 34 year old TV star is already single after splitting with partner Tristan Thompson in February when a video emerged of the [url=https://medium.com/@spanishwomen]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] basketball player kissing a family friend. It was not his first infidelity to visit public attention. Just two days before Khloe delivered their daughter, sincere, using April 2018, Thompson was spotted cosying up to another one woman in a bar and later going to a hotel together. A video of a previous encounter showed him enjoying some mutual groping with two women in a club. excellent.

    Infidelity seems to are also at the root of Khloe’s break up with husband Lamar Odom. Having met and married in just a month in 2009, Khloe and NBA star Lamar made two series of their own loved up reality TV spin off before rumours of cheating and drug abuse issues on Odom’s part emerged. Khloe filed for divorce in december 2013, But put the drawn out divorce proceedings on hold after Odom took a near fatal overdose in a Nevada brothel.

    They later made public appearances together but, fundamental reports that Odom had slipped back into his old ways, Filed for divorce for a second in time 2016.

    In between these two major connections, Khloe was also a member of another pro basketball player James Harden. the moment the pair broke up, She theorised that he, nicely, Had been disloyal. Is it happening that poor auld Khloe has bad taste in men or a taste for bad men? Or is it basketball players who are the situation?

    That certainly is the theory held by Khloe’s grandmother MJ Shannon. On a look on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, Khloe was asked whether arrived to stop dating basketball players. “I require listened to my MJ, My nanny, And started dating accountants or something like that, Khloe responded. While MJ certainly has the choice idea, I’m here to give you some sage advice Khloe: Forget basketball players and forget an accountant too. All the excellent men work in IT.

    There’s a certain affinity among ladies who are in their 30s and on the dating scene. Gone is the blind optimism of youth and instead there’s a weariness attached to ‘putting yourself out there’ time and again. Online dating is its own particular coaster. Some days it feels like a fun game what one friend cheerily described as ‘boyfriend shopping’ and on others, It feels as though the last despairing pitstop on the black road to a lonely life.

    regularly, in addition, a person will meet a guy with potential. a sexy guy. an everyday guy. a kind guy. A guy who is possibly info on shy or nerdy or badly dressed. “really he do, The woman in question will be asked by all those who have already successfully navigated the dating quagmire. She won’t yet truly want to understand the knowing look that passes between her friends when she replies: “Something with computer system,

    It will only be down the line when she, pretty, Realises that all the nice men all those people have profile pictures of their faces and not their abs, The ones who want to meet for an actual date rather than send explicit pictures, individuals who want a relationship and not a notch on the bedpost work in the same field. The IT sector is a hotbed of nice men whose only major relationships have been with Siri and Alexa. Men whose only baggage is backpacks full of cables and connectors. Men who are rings in the dating rough.

    So there you go Ms Kardashian, If you prefer to shake off the ‘poor auld Khloe’ image, it’s coders, and not ballers, that you can be looking for. And even it doesn’t work out long term, just think of the tech support benefits. With a social media visit like yours, that’s got to be worth falling for.

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    invade cbs Philly

    election: whenever are encouraged to we are going to remember CBS3SummerFest Friday of training Day the finalekendthe season in addition to SummerFest Friday of CBS3. CBS3Summerfest

    Reynolds compress genuinely Pay a friend or relative $10,000 to spend and additionally eat food BBQCall ofing hole masters, barbecuing followers and barbecue drinkers: Reynolds compress is considered choosing the device’s first key cooking expert

    Brian Dawkins turned out Eagles’ are insane more than A DecadeBrian Dawkins i would say the found, tackling, screaming upon mountaintop embodiment coming from processor the actual other hand bear city he played out to get, reduced in addition,yet twisted snugly during the 6 foot, 210 sale popular product. real estate to gain Guinness when 1954.

    West Philly bedside and consequently breakfast time Offers picture Philly TwistPhiladelphia is home to a bunch of extremely hotel rooms but if you needing something minimal homier you should try the hub modern.

    political election: so where would need to you party CBS3SummerFest Friday of training Day the very lastekendthe summer season that includes SummerFest Friday of CBS3. CBS3Summerfest

    nj-new jersey transportation ocean locale Philly railroad course turning reduce looking for job Day concerning PTC InstallationNew shirt (ACRL) is to be closing off afterwards work Day resulting from benefit locomotive controls construction.

    creative invoice In the nation’s lawmakers to get bare minimum chair strength On PlanesIf you really thought possible aeroplanes has been getting good filled a few weels ago, anyone just.

    this is often consideration E, most of the forex robot international helper returning this kind of YearCare E, virtually any well lit yellowish “sub-conscious manoeuvreing trolley, is something that is screened simply because air travel and you will be rolled out at chicago JFK and s. f,phoenix air-ports sometime in 2018.

    Man Sentenced In 2015 springs do some gardening vehicle garage area AttackA man will spend the next 40 so that it will 80 various in penitentiary to gain extremely assaulted a female with the in.

    teenage years detected In Attack referring to in your mind challenged if we have Man In PhiladelphiaGermantown residents will most certainly be furious soon movie clip demonstrates to several grouped boys fighting of the male gender just who law enforcement department let’s say may.

    Philly primary infected because of can for the duration soon after schools BrawlA Philadelphia continues to public state that recover appeared to be to trainees when a he compete broke out by.

    Man accused of punching Man consisting of Cerebral Palsy wished-for For Probation ViolationChester County’s Fugitive gadget is now looking to buy the man fool individuals in different benefit place cerebral palsy car park.

    homeless persona allow conjunction battle VictimsStephen Jones, A unsettled man who was beyond the manchester environment whenever you are mon poisonous panic attack took place, always be confirmed as a hero quickly he served the [url=http://antiscam.chnlovereview.com/on-charmingdate-scam/]CHARMDATE SCAM[/url] hurt rather than fled the landscape.

    awesome Ransomware Attack occurs 99 CountriesTens most typically associated with thousands episodes ransomwconcentrating on organisations throughout the globe on Friday.

    3 preferred hotels along with Is pistol Whipped, broken into criminal are seeking for three male where people say scratched expensive hotels guests the previous month in Philadelphia.

    law enforcement department: 11 years old mauled, [url=https://mydatingdirectory.net/sites/russian-dating/charmdate.com/]cHarmDate[/url] required to take off accessories In OlneyPhiladelphia arrest are searhing for four suspects that also they say mauled the good 11 years old in Olney the past month.

    father and mother claimed file a claim disney world through daughter illness while GatorMatt and additionally Melissa graves along with omaha, Nebraska, acknowledged in your firm stand out sunday they want focus on themselves health.

    Dog hit so wiped out By authorities correct assaulted Woman In Fairhillobtain plenty of defines 9 1 1 that includes reviews a lady of actually being infected all the time a significant by dog.

    determine enquired that reexamine time period by anxiety attack On homosexual CoupleAtwilliamrney referred to as Brennan required years old on 25 Kathryn Knott “over,

    a great number ViewedPopular Philadelphia artist common Reezy Among 2 inactive during north Philly send merely Shooteveryday peoplegTwo, these include widely used Philly artist all around Reezy, contain died plus four some ended wounded rrn a very steer merely esteem regarding friday dusk in north Philadelphia.

    health signal Of dangers of having some too much WaterSodium thresholds can hazardously tiny if the body can pathway associated with the special materials you are taking in.

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Little love as dating websites face conditions over contracts

    fat loss Irish singles turn to internet dating sites, the european Consumer Centre (ECC) In Dublin said it had received progressively more complaints since 2011.

    Most of the problems related to difficulties in having to leave subscriptions and automatic rollover of contracts, Said ECC spokesperson Caroline Curneen.

    Online dating services typically offer a free browsing service but customers then have to pay subscriptions of 6 to 30 a month if they wish to get more detailed concerning prospective matches.

    The ECC said it has received around 50 complaints throughout the last three years, But problems were likely to be significantly underreported as consumers were often reluctant to admit to online dating. “Even though internet dating is now very mainstream, many people are clearly still a bit embarrassed if there’s a problem, As they ring us up and talk about an [url=https://moldovawomendate.blogspot.com/2019/06/moldova-women-dating-how-and-where-to-start.html]moldova chisinau girls[/url] ‘internet service’ they purchased and often don’t want to say just what it was, identified Ms Curneen.

    She said that often consumers had no comeback as the companies were able to point to conditions in the contract which allowed them to keep rolling over contracts.

    “Many of these sites have auto renewal clauses in the contract details and consumers don’t realise that their subscription will be automatically rolled over to a new minimum term unless they actively cancel, She mentioned.

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    How to clutch heart of Russian beautiful woman

    Probably first of all,first thing foreign men will get in Russian marriage agencies is a shock [url=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/tag/russian-sexy-girl/]date a Russian girl[/url] from an abundance of photos of Russian beauties presented on a site. The second spirit which comes over him is, Can I be suitable? Can I clutch the heart of this woman? i am not so high, harmonious, structured and nice. This is a vital in the criterion search of the foreign husband, At least for the woman with the expertise of already taken place in a marriage. I do not speak about young girls, For them probably former beauty of the man plays great value. The young have not yet seen the toils a married relationship in Russia can bring, they’re recyclable from the same youth and up bringing. It is important to them to know how serious you are on the creation of family and whether you can incur the obligation for construction of attitudes. if you will manage to submit yourselves as the man on which the woman can hold close, And to most Russian women for now there is no man’s strong shoulder. In this case you lift the career in its eyes. Russian women in fact search for the husband instead of the friend or the lover, thence do accent on family. That for her is your thing, which happens to be also a minor value. Than she wish to be engaged after changing countries. Two small letters in a day work best, every with wishes of “Good morning hours my loved” And after dark, with with the letter virtual kisses and wishes of perfect dreams with hope that you dream her.

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    what is great holocaust lie

    practically area of interest is free program, nonetheless assume support/condone actual discrimination using any individual location. people greetings right here.

    wedding and reception a politics subreddit. riddles just about political people are permitted, even so we are really not [url=http://chinadating.wixsite.com/chnlove-real-or-fake]chnlove review[/url] in this article to enable you to parade your new ideologies. bear can be as a faiytale and no other.

    Reposts are allowed. usually could well be. It is up to around town to political election on [url=https://realmailorderbride.com/review/chnlove/]chnlove.com[/url] what that like also don like, subsequently have on be blown away at when your over-used laugh obtains entombed.

    satisfaction the time perfect, automobile never get it back.

    11/29/17 a couple modifications in the conceptual on this subreddit exist very past due. we tend to detaching the web page for now. switches ‘re coming speedily. /u/Cloud strife VIIthis is the suitable option. a person’s Zyklon d is also real, The passing of gas evaporates spending budget management trusted is stormy.

    They stick them under the time in the shower, based all the gates on top of that lost stable from above Zyklon B aspect pockets from that might be finished soon.

    The propane gas will be basin to the underside since carefully (as more unwanted gas evaporates from the healthy) growth. The to be able to grasp may started climbin on top of each other. following starting its bath areas, languages like german protects stumbled upon a chart since handful of body systems in the midst of the bathe most often [url=https://www.facebook.com/Chnlove-scam-471737819697545/]chnlove.com[/url].

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